The final post



As they say, all good things must come to an end. Today’s post will be the final post on Black Tea Cup.

When I started this site over two years ago, I did so because I needed a place to write freely. I needed an open and safe space for my creative thoughts. This site did that, and to me was so much more. It was a labor of love that I have so thoroughly enjoyed.

I wish to express my sincere thanks to everyone who played a part in this site over the years. First of all, my loving wife, Sara, who has always been supportive of all my crazy creative endeavors. I love you forever and always.

To all of you who have selflessly contributed poetry over the years–I am in your debt. Among them are Rusty Rimes, my sister Theresa, Michelle, Amy and others.

Also, I want to say thanks to all of you who took the time to read my random collection of thoughts.

And so I bid this site, Black Tea Cup, farewell. If you want to keep up with me in the future, you can visit my personal website (although there is not much there at the moment): or you can find me on Twitter @PhdScott.

I wish all of you love and happiness in the future.



Walk into the water


Man walking on the beach

I walk into the water
not on top of it
I have no miracles
I am not divine.

I walk into the water
against the churning
the rocky bottom
scrapes my feet.

I walk into the water
and drift with the tide
the ocean’s mercy
my destination.

I walk into the water
because it knows best
I trust the sea
that is my faith.


The man in the machine


Robot statue

Time spins its hands
a clockwork of gears
marking the passage of
worthless seconds.

My thoughts my own
with others too
I spin and whirl
unseen by most.

My appearance dusty
my looks unassuming
the party line
I pretend to follow.

I move with purpose
not vanity
to set loose a cog
or a rusty spring.

Freedom from
the soulless grind
I am the man
in the machine.

Backyard miracle



On accident
I mowed you over
at the end of last year.

By chance
I saw you today
peeking up from the lawn.

In adoration
I touched your leaves
to make sure you were real.

With love
I gave you water
my little backyard miracle.